MultiWindow Android On A Larger Tablet


We’ve seen several videos of MultiWindow Android on tablets the size of an iPad Mini clone. Now here are two videos that demonstrate it on the Rockchip 3188-based Pipo M8Pro, which has a 1280 x 800 9.4-inch 16:9 IPS screen and 2GBs of RAM [Google English and Google English].

What’s interesting about this is that a new element of MultiWindow Android is mentioned that wasn’t in prior demonstrations and screensnaps.

The Pipo M8Pro has the same customized UI as the Pipo Ultra-U8 iPad Mini clone (red highlights by image source):


And yet here it is running MultiWindow Android while there’s been no such announcement of the Pipo Ultra-U8 getting the upgrade!

Here’s the new thing highlighted in MultiWindow Android that was never mentioned before, highlighted in red by the image source:


It’s a window Zoom button! It’s never been mentioned before but I’ve checked past screensnaps and it appears in some of them. I don’t yet know what the rule is for it appearing. Also displayed next to it is that three-dot icon for, perhaps, an Options menu.

The Zoom button persists — as it should — when the app view is turned into a window:


Portrait mode windowing:



And now two videos:

The next video confirms that browsing the Net in two different windows requires two different browsers be launched:

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