Weak Sneak Peek Of Onda V819 Mini

An advertorial post [Google English] publishes two photos of the new upcoming Onda V819 Mini:



Onda’s problem isn’t that the V818 Mini’s bezel is too wide or the tablet is too thick. The problems are the highly-customized Android on top of the weak AllWinner A31s CPU, not-so-bright screen, and inadequate 1GB of RAM.

If Onda really wanted to do something special, they would have broken the iPad Mini clone mold and made the portrait mode top and bottom bezels very thin too. At least then it wouldn’t be just another Me-Too product.

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7 responses to “Weak Sneak Peek Of Onda V819 Mini

  1. yeahman45

    the v819 will have allwinner A31s?

    • mikecane

      I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t, but the CPU hasn’t been officially revealed yet.

      • It is an All Winner A31S CPU :( I still don’t understand why Onda do not use RK3188 CPU.
        It is as good as the Ipad Mini only the CPU is weak.
        The Onda V819 is almost the same as the Onda V818 only a bit thinner.

  2. luis moreira

    Whats the big difference between v818 and v819?

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