“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Photos

An astroturfing post [Google English] done several days ago purported to have photos of the new “Ice Green” Chuwi V88. Well, somehow he screwed up the post and only one picture of its front was published.


And everyone piled on to call him a fraud.

He’s finally managed to correct his post and after the break, some clear-shot astroturf photos await.



This next photo is interesting …


… the new design places the buttons more to the side instead of the back. But they still protrude …


… click on that and enlarge it to verify.



I don’t know what’s up with that weird display of icons. Screensnap:


There are other photos at the post, but the above are the best of them. There’s also some incomprehensible text about a data cable. I’m sure there will be many more astroturf posts to come from others.

Previously here:

First Photo: “Ice Green” Chuwi V88
“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Pre-Sale
New “Ice Green” Chuwi V88


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8 responses to ““Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Photos

  1. ad Chuwi V88s – my short experiences, received on friday but spent lot of time testing:
    – wifi ~3m to wooden door, then ~4m to the wifi router in corridor, straight way it’s through 2 concrete walls, but I guess doors are smallest obstacle so it go through doors, wifi signal is actually even better than my phone Amoi N820, GF has some Huawei which has even worse wifi than my phone, anyway wifi works fine and stable with 62-70dB at worst in these conditions, at exactly same position on bed Teclast A11 had at best 70dB ranging to 80dB, my mobile Amoi N820 65-70dB

    – almost stock android 4.2.2 with stock launcher and maybe 3 preinstalled CN bloatware, bluetooth works fine both directions (tested with other phone), but can’t send APK, so learned how to use wifi direct instead, getting 3-6MB/s mobile-mobile, although PC-mobile connection is useless and 30x slower

    – Apex launcher quite buggy, can’t move star to change default home screen, can’t set up continous vertical scrolling in drawer, otherwise text labels will disapear, although no problem with vertical paginated

    – vibration not available at all or not functional

    – play store preinstalled

    – rooted succesfuly with this 6MB file from OMA (?) following instructions in file, after rooting/pushing CWRM you can access recovery menu from cold boot by Volume + (plus) button hold together with Power button for 5 secs, then appear logo and you can leave it to boot into Clockwork Recovery mode, booting in general faster than Teclast A11

    – Antutu v3.3 with stock firmware stock 1608MHz, only cleaned RAM completely through Android assistant – 17093

    – was afraid about connectors/slots too deep but – USB works fine, micrphone works fine (even when holding tablet in landscape and covering it with one hand which actually improves quality!), charger with stock Chuwi charger 5V-2A works fine, headphones no problem, memory card sticking out about 0.5mm like some small button, can’t imagine any problems, you would have to directly push it from bottom to eject, from sides I think impossible to eject under normal circumstances, don’t have HDMI to test

    – quite creaky body, maybe at two places about 0.1mm hole between front and back plastic plate where you can press it with finger, solution would be put there some fast drying glue and stick it so it will be sealed everywhere, but it’s minor, whole body quite creaky when squeezing, quality average at best, expect made in china quality, my pice according serial number produced 1307

    – 100% of all 50+ apps work despite 1024×768 resolution, also 100% of 35+ games I tested (although almost no 3D action, only some stupid small games i like)

    – battery died after 9:55, actual usage was maybe 8-8.5 hours, so you can expect no less than 6-7 hours without gaming/movie, dunno about gaming, was just using light games and surfing/downloading, setting up

    – both cameras have shitty quality, front one has also strane angle, when you look at display straight you re on side of display, must angle tablet to little bit strange position to have face in middle of screen

    – gyro works fine

    – back buttons are OK, not sensitive too much and anyway no need to use them almost at all, only power button, you can put tablet on hard surface on table and work with it without any problems without back buttons being pressed

    – quality of display very good, nice colors, nice brightness, resolution 1024×768 seem much smoother than 1280×800 on 10.1″ Teclast A11 where was not problem to see individual pixels, here not so easy comparable with mobile phones. display is sensitive in all areas, in edges too, there is no color defomation because of battery pushing from back, no dead pixels, no white spots, didn’t even noticed any light leakage

    – body very light, size good into one hand vertically, edges are rounded, so everything superslim and holding later my phone it feels like brick although phone has around 10mm

    – android 4.2.2 is smooth in general although sometime there is lag with storage access in general

    I guess that’s all, if you want you can publish it in separate entry, I will write it little bit better on my personal blog and post later with photos

  2. Glaren

    possible for usb charging?

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