Teclast iPad Mini Clone With Intel Inside

Teclast has leaked that it will soon introduce a new iPad Mini clone called the P89 Mini that will use an Intel Atom CPU [Google English and Google English].


And yes, the P89 Mini will be an iPad Mini clone, just see the official leaked image:


Teclast’s current P88s Mini uses the AllWinner A31s CPU and has 1GB of RAM.


As is usual for clones based on the A31s CPU, it doesn’t have an impressive AnTuTu score:


Teclast is touting that their new Atom-based P89 Mini will have this AnTuTu score:


However, that reeks of fraud.

On July 13th, Phone Arena published: Intel Atom Z2580 AnTuTu score drops 20% after revision to site, which means that above AnTuTu score is likely absolutely wrong — if Teclast is using the Atom Z2580, which is very likely.

1Pad points out that there could be app incompatibility with the Atom CPU, particularly with games. This was once the case with Rockchip CPUs.

Using an Intel Atom in an iPad Mini clone is not as weird as its sounds. Lenovo is already using that CPU in its Android-based IdeaPhone K900.

It will be interesting to see if Teclast will start a trend by using the Atom. If apps work out fine, it would be a real competitor to the Rockchip 3188, currently the most powerful CPU used in iPad Mini clones.

And here is where things can get very, very weird: Full Windows 8 runs on the Intel Atom. Will we see the wizards at XDA Developers somehow make it possible to reflash the P89 Mini with Windows 8? Imagine seeing an iPad Mini clone running Windows 8. That would be head-exploding! It would also make the P89 Mini the tablet to get — and sink Surface 2.0 sales. The possibilities for market chaos are staggering.

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