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MultiWindow Android Beta Out For Chuwi V88


A forum post [Google English] announces the availability of the beta version of MultiWindow Android for the Chuwi V88. Oddly, it mentions the V88s too — which has just 1GB of RAM.

This is the download direct link (Chinese-language file-sharing site). It’s a 274.24MB download. However, instead of going to that link, go to Chuwi’s actual site [Google English], where it’s the top link. (Note that you might have to use the Chinese-language site directly for downloading.) There is no mention of this being for the V88s at Chuwi’s site.

Since this is just a beta, I’d advise waiting for the final upgrade from Chuwi itself.

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Chuwi V88s Reviewed By Owner

This is the lower-end version of the Chuwi V88 with a new design and plastic back panels to assist the radios. Same Rockchip 3188 CPU, but the RAM has been reduced to 1GB and the cameras are lower resolution too.

Chuwi V88s – iPad mini Android 4.2.2 clone review with photos and how to root Chuwi V88/V88s

And so despite the new design, we still get this:


The microSD card still protrudes! This makes me think this will also happen with the new “Ice Green” Chuwi V88.

Even with a problem like that, since Chuwi was smart and got the first Rockchip 3188-based clone out with vanilla Android, it’s become popular among hackers and there’s a larger active community for it than other iPad Mini clones.

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