A Pay-To-Read Forum Post!

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What? The? Hell?!

The forum post — in China, and I won’t link to it — purports to solve an ongoing yet inconsistent problem with charging the Chuwi V88s.

And the guy wants to be paid for it?

That’s absolutely not what forums are supposed to be about. Injecting a commercial transaction into what’s supposed to a social space is just disgusting.

I don’t know what he’s being “paid” in — but even if it’s just forum “credits,” the very idea is repulsive.

Stop this. Stop it now. Before it spreads.


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2 responses to “A Pay-To-Read Forum Post!

  1. yeahman45

    if he can provide a solution and people are willing to pay. why not?

    we got android for hp touchpad as there was bounty of about $250,000 for the first developer succeeding in porting android on hp touchpad

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