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“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Owner Reports Problems

In a forum post [Google English], a new owner of the “Ice Green” Chuwi V88 rakes it over the coals for several flaws.

If I’m parsing the awful Google Translate correctly:

– light leaks from the headphone jack

– light leaks from microSD card slot

– the microSD card slot is odd: “TF card insert and eject a whole ass outside.”

– not all games run properly

– screen touch sensitivity is not good (this is the new OneGlass screen)

– the 2MP front camera is atrocious and acts like 1MP — see snap after the break

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Blog Notes: New iPad Mini Clones Category

I’ve created a new category just for posts about iPad Mini clones.

I moved them out of the Android category.

I stretched the new category a bit by including the few posts about the Acer Iconia A1-810.

Try it: iPad Mini clones category

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New Ramos K1 Tablet To Break iPad Mini Clone Mold

I love the look of the HTC One:


Seriously, that is a gorgeous design. I think even Apple’s Jon Ive must be impressed.

Too bad HTC killed all chances of me ever buying one by not including a microSD card slot.

I’ve looked at photos of it and imagined how great that would be as a tablet design (with a microSD card slot included!).

Well, the people at Ramos must think just like me.

Because their upcoming K1 high-end tablet looks just like the HTC One turned into a tablet!

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iFive Mini 3 Finally Shown In Real Pictures

Five Technology, infamous for bad Photoshopping …


… has been teasing the hell out of its upcoming iFive Mini 3 iPad Mini clone as if it was the Jesus Tablet or something.

They’ve finally permitted us filthy mortals a peek of their tablet in actual photos in two advertorial (of course!) posts [Google English and Google English].

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Xiaomi’s “Purple” Tablet: An iPad Mini Clone!

First it was an iPad Mini clone: Rumored Xiaomi iPad Mini Clone

Then it wasn’t an iPad Mini clone: Xiaomi Tablet Unveiling July 31st?

Now it’s “definitely” an iPad Mini clone: Google English


What the hell does it looks like to you?

Allegedly it will be unveiled on August 16th. Unless Xiaomi jerks all of us around yet again!

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Voyo A18: The First Retina-Class Android Tablet Worth Buying?

Despite Chinese manufacturers turning out iPad 4/5 clones with Retina-class displays, none of them have been worth buying. Those with the AllWinner A31s CPU have been just pathetic. And even the powerful Rockchip 3188 CPU has been defeated by that pixel-dense screen, with Rockchip releasing SDK 2.0 mainly to address performance issues with Retina-class displays.


Now Voyo has come along and is putting an octa-core Samsung Exynos 5410 CPU in a Retina-class tablet [Google English]. This just might be the first Android-based Retina tablet out of China that’s worth buying.

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Blog Notes: New WordPress Link UI

WordPress has been tweaking the hell out of things for the past several weeks.

Today they’ve added this:

Click = big

It seems that when I highlight text for linking, WordPress will now search my entire blog for related content and present a list of possible internal links.

This is seriously cool.

In my last post about ICOO, it suggested two Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes posts that were relevant. I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to include those.

I can also enter a word or phrase in the Search box to find previously published stuff too. That is one hell of a time-saver.

This is not something I ever thought I needed. It turns out I’ve needed it badly!

Well done, WordPress!

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ICOO Releases 2GB Version of Fatty 2

In two advertorial posts [Google English and Google English], ICOO announces the release of the 2GB RAM version of its Rockchip 3188-based Fatty 2 iPad Mini clone tablet.


This is the version to get in order to use the MultiWindow Android upgrade that’s coming up. Check the backlinks below first to see if you really want this tablet.

Previously here:

MultiWindow Android For ICOO Fatty 2
ICOO Fatty 2: 2GB Version Exists
iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Second Review
iPad Mini Clone ICOO Fatty 2 Gets Reviewed
Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #7
Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #5

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