“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Owner Reports Problems

In a forum post [Google English], a new owner of the “Ice Green” Chuwi V88 rakes it over the coals for several flaws.

If I’m parsing the awful Google Translate correctly:

– light leaks from the headphone jack

– light leaks from microSD card slot

– the microSD card slot is odd: “TF card insert and eject a whole ass outside.”

– not all games run properly

– screen touch sensitivity is not good (this is the new OneGlass screen)

– the 2MP front camera is atrocious and acts like 1MP — see snap after the break

Front camera snap:

Click = big

Wow. That front camera looks like QVGA resolution!

See, this is why you never buy the first production run of any Chinese tablet. I don’t know what Quality Control Chuwi has going on, but it’s clearly not adequate for any market whatsoever, domestic or international.

In an unrelated forum post [Google English] about returning a Chuwi V88s, the buyer complains about having to pay return postage. That’s what the world is like when you don’t have companies like Apple and Amazon that will send you a pre-paid shipping box for a return!

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6 responses to ““Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Owner Reports Problems

  1. Anon

    Or it’s astroturfing by ICOO or Vido or any other manufacturer

    • mikecane

      You know, I considered that, but something about it made me think it’s an actual owner. Sometimes the posts are from owners. And it’s Chuwi’s own damn fault if it seems plausible given past problems with the original V88. They are earning a bad rep. They still haven’t fixed the problem with their crap chargers, even after months of complaints.

  2. what if he just put on some really cheap matte screen protector and covered the front camera lens

  3. oh yes and btw is there like an official product page for these tablets? i found the v88 on the chuwi website but there isn’t the ice green one

  4. aarowsmith

    Did anyone here mention Chuwi V88 glass screen is not glued down properly so it pops up constantly out of case and makes a popping noise when you use it like when touching the screen?! Also the touch response is sometimes non responsive. And the backlight has weird dark shadow areas, a very inconsistent workmanship. And quality control is just not there. I would never buy another Chuwi product even if you gave it away for free !!!

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