Chuwi Gets Screwy, Adding 3G

In two advertorial posts of questionable sense [Google English and Google English], Chuwi has revealed they’re working on a 3G-enabled version of the V88.



As I’ve stated previously, 3G tablets are not my thing. I won’t be paying attention to these past the official announcement of their full specs.

Given how people are still complaining about defective AC chargers bundled with Chuwi tablets, why are they devoting resources to a new tablet and ignoring a persistent fundamental problem?


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2 responses to “Chuwi Gets Screwy, Adding 3G

  1. well though I guess making phone calls on a tablet may not make sense, 3G(internet) will be rather useful for tablets like this which will most probably be taken around and on the go

    • mikecane

      Yes, but trying to figure out which tablet will work in what country is too much for me to track. Plus Chuwi needs to fix that charger problem before anything else.

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