iFive Mini 3 Crippled With 1GB Of RAM

Yesterday it was revealed that the much-teased iFive Mini 3 will have just 1GB of RAM. People were appalled.

In a post that is likely an advertorial [Google English], Five Technology tries to explain that 1GB is actually sufficient for most users:

Ifive mini3 do domestic flat thinnest 6.5mm thin body, even thinner than the IPAD mini 0.7mm, the thickness in order to achieve this, we use a single-sided PCB patch, if the use of 2G RAM then you must use double-sided patch (7.85 inch tablet other domestic 7.5mm thickness are around). In Ifive Skin 2.5 is optimized, the system RAM usage greatly reduced, after engineers tested this in 1024 * 768 resolution, 1G RAM is sufficient to meet our normal use, in a non-extreme cases, 2G RAM not be fully utilized, can not take advantage of RAM but will affect system boot speed.

In other words, to get it that thin, they couldn’t squeeze in a 2GB chip.

There’s just one big fat problem with all of this spin: Despite having a Rockchip 3188, the iFive Mini 3 can’t use MultiWindow Android.

It doesn’t matter how much they’ve optimized Android. This tablet is dead in the water.


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