First Video: “Ice Green” Chuwi V88


A seller has posted the first video of the new “Ice Green” Chuwi V88.

See it after the break.

What did it score in AnTuTu?


16,790 — which seems a tad low, but he might have had things running in the background.

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7 responses to “First Video: “Ice Green” Chuwi V88

  1. jun

    so how about the WIFI with this one? is WIFI as bad as original v88?

  2. so are there really problems with the touchscreen?

    • mikecane

      I think the guy who has a bad one might have gotten one that wasn’t properly assembled. Early white V88s had a problem where the touchscreen connector wasn’t firmly seated and people had to open it to fix it. On the other hand, the Ice Green uses a new One Glass screen method, so it could also be a manufacturing flaw that somehow passed QC.

  3. TimA

    I got one of these. How do you install the multiple window upgrade after you have downloaded the .rar file?

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