“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Owner Reports Problems, Part Two

This guy is not satisfied and is not going away.

He’s done a second forum post [Google English] about his defective “Ice Green” Chuwi V88, reiterating his points and adding that — if I’m parsing the absymal Google Translate correctly — he left a forum post at Chuwi’s own site and it was deleted without reply! He’s also getting zero satisfaction from the place he bought it from.

He also complains about the lack of USB charging — and here I have to say that this has not been a secret at all. Anyone who’s done a bit of research knows that most iPad Mini clones don’t support USB charging. So being surprised by the lack of it is solely on him.

After the break, another snapshot from the atrocious front camera.


I don’t care how thin the margins are at Chuwi. Having a dissatisfied customer costs more than swapping out his tablet for one that’s not defective. Amazon never used the excuse of lack of profits to stiff a customer. Chuwi needs to learn from them.

If Chuwi will mistreat its own domestic customers, how can it ever hope to grow into an international brand?

And hey, Chuwi, look at how an obscure forum post from China is now being publicized in America! Welcome to the worldwide Internet, where nothing can be a secret any longer.

Previously here:

“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Owner Reports Problems



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6 responses to ““Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Owner Reports Problems, Part Two

  1. jun

    are you aware of any iPad mini clone that supports USB charging?

  2. Carlos

    Thanks for this post and all the others. I was about to buy the Chuwi Ice Green and I changed my mind. I think I will skip the chinese stuff after all this reading. It all looks so risky and without guarantee of any kind. Greetings from Spain.

  3. JC

    Hi, I have purchased 4 v88 models so far, from 2 different vendors. I have returned 2 white models because they weren’t charging (and not due to faulty chargers). I now have 2 Titanium green models, and now 1 of them has a screen problem with a large section of obscured by an unreadable band! So, a very frustrating experience with Chuwi, and I won’t be buying their products again… Also from Spain…

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