AnTuTu 4.0 Is Coming


Preview to AnTuTu Benchmark & 3DRating V4.0

All of you who have iPad Mini clones, go now and ask to be part of the beta testing:

I have a feeling this is really going to upset all of our current perceptions of iPad Mini clones.

I’m particularly interested how the MultiTask test will perform with MultiWindow Android. And will the weak Actions ATM7029 actually gain some points due to its GPU? I expect the AllWinner A31s will.

Everyone who has an iPad Mini clone will have to re-run the test and post new scores. All of the old ones will be obsolete. I expect the RAM and I/O scores to be real eye-openers, upset a lot of people, and make people factor that into a purchase decision. We’re going to find out who uses the worst components.

Over in China, manufacturers are going to have to change some of their plans and rethink what they sell.


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