New Archos 80b Platinum Tablet

July 19, 2013: Archos Quietly Cancels Its 80 Platinum Tablet

Well, here we go again, hopping on the Archos merry-go-round for another ride.

Way back in June, JBMM reported [Google English] that an “80b Platinum” tablet had shown up at the FCC.

Today, there’s an actual listing for it at J&R:


Why should anyone care?

This is the bit in the specs that matter:

CPU/GPU: Quad-Core ARM Cortex A9 @ 1.6GHz / Quad core GPU Mali 400

That’s the same CPU and GPU as in the Chuwi V88, Vido Mini One, and ICOO Fatty 2. The Rockchip 3188!


Last time, the Archos 80 Platinum was supposed to be a rebadged Onda V812. This time, Archos has sourced from the supplier of the Archos 80 Titanium, Yuanfeng Technology:


And the Yuanfeng FCC listing includes these:



So. Archos did the right thing. They ditched the original 80 Platinum with its weak AllWinner A31 CPU and went with the Rockchip 3188. This change also means the 80b will include Bluetooth.

However, this isn’t all good news. The new 80b Platinum has just 1GB of RAM. That isn’t enough for MultiWindow Android. On the other hand, if Google adds multiwindowing to Android 5.0, it might work. We’ll see.

Same-day update: For those going to the Archos site for the United States, it’s still listing the original 80 Platinum, with its 1GHz CPU.



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