Fraudulent AnTuTu Score For Onda V819 Mini

The forum astroturfing has begun for the Onda V819 Mini [Google English].

In the midst of a bunch of beauty shots (nothing to see, really), they try to pull this:


Hahahahaha. No.

There is no way in hell that an AllWinner A31s CPU running at 1GHz can ever honestly score that. It’s honestly in the 11,000-12,000 range.

And they’re called on it in the forum too:

Side that ran sub unimportant, while scores of fraud

He’s calling it fraudulent, as am I.

I don’t know what Onda hopes to accomplish with this. But they’re damaging their credibility.

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One response to “Fraudulent AnTuTu Score For Onda V819 Mini

  1. Will De Mauro

    “I call Shenanaganz!!”

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