MultiWindow Android: Forty Apps Tested Claim


I saw this post first at 1Pad [Google English] and was impressed that they had taken the time to do such a report.

Stupid me.

Because I then saw the same damn report at PadHz [Google English], which meant it was actually from Rockchip and not any sort of original reporting!

1Pad dared to state it had an author, although it was also labeled “Manufacturer Contribution.” “Author,” my ass. The text is identical, for all intents and purposes, in both posts. It’s Rockchip pimpery.

With that in mind, let’s continue.

The tablet used was a Pipo M8 Pro. I’ve taken several, but not all, images from PadHz because they ran larger versions (click any to enlarge).






There’s a list of the apps tested, but it’s mostly Chinese:


And since that list is an image, there’s no hope of getting anything out of it via Google Translate. Besides, some of those apps are of interest only to Chinese users, such as the QQ app. Still, it’d be good to have that in English.

There’s also a video:

MultiWindow Android is being ignored by the “big name” tech press, so all of the coverage I’ve been doing has felt like sitting on a big secret.

They also ignored TV dongles until Google “blessed” them by doing Chromecast (which I consider the best tech innovation of 2013 and a blindsiding of Apple).

If Google adds multiwindowing to Android 5.0, watch them trip over each other to hail it to and condemn it (especially all the Apple-centric sites).

Meanwhile, everyone who’s been reading these posts has had a glimpse of tablets being more than just the wasteful and frustrating one-app-per-screen model — and in a way that’s superior to what Samsung did and which makes the split-screening of Windows 8 look just pathetic.

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