Teclast: P89 And P88s Mini

I’m combining two Teclast items into one post.

The first item is new photos of the upcoming Teclast P89, which will use an Intel Atom CPU [Google English].

I’m just running two. Hit the link for the rest.


The dual speaker grilles and plastic band at top are interesting. The front looks like any other iPad Mini clone.

And they’re again claiming this 30,000-range result as the AnTuTu score:


Note they claim that’s a legit copy of AnTuTu 3.3.2. Let’s see what kind of score it has when AnTuTu 4.0 is released and applied.

The second Teclast item is a review of the P88s Mini, which is based on the AllWinner A31s CPU [Google English].

It has just 1GB of RAM and claims to be the thinnest clone at just 6.5mm. It also uses the new OneGlass process for the screen (also used by the new “Ice Green” Chuwi V88).

Its distinguishing sales point is that it isn’t bundled with an AC charger. Instead, it charges via USB and can use “an ordinary mobile phone charger” or computer port. This is the first A31s-based clone I’ve encountered that can do that.




And NenaMark2:


I know that USB charging is important for some people. But look at that AnTuTu score again. iPad Mini clones using the Rockchip 3188 CPU are in the 16,000-17,000 range. The Vido Mini One — which uses the 3188 — can also do USB charging. This is not a recommendation. I’m just pointing that out.

I also expect AnTuTu 4.0 might dramatically change some scores (perhaps narrowing the gap between A31s and RK3188), so keep that in mind too.

Final reminder: MultiWindow Android is, so far, available only for the Rockchip 3188 and requires 2GBs of RAM. I don’t know if Google will incorporate multiwindowing into Android 5.0 and if that will also require 2GBs.


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3 responses to “Teclast: P89 And P88s Mini

  1. actually Chuwi V88s straight from factory with stock 4.2.2 June 20th edition kernel #102 (still even for tablets produced in August) scored 17200 easily, tested on my 2nd piece I received, yesterday received and rooted 3rd using already familiar procedure from file mentioned in my review, built quality at 2nd and 3rd from August batch seem to be improved, could not notice any gaps between plastic plates on side

  2. Annika :)

    Hey Mike!
    Thank you so much for all your reviews! I am on the row deciding between teclast p89 mini, vido mini one and the cube u35gt2. I think I am going to take the teclast but one of the last questions I have is if it can also be charged via USB? For example from an portable battery? What kind of slots do you actually need(USB,HDMI…). All I want to do with the Tablet is: presentations/work with beamers for college, now and then a movie, snapshots for my artwork, surfing on the couch/way and have the size of the Ipad mini because I found a really cool CRACKERS bag ;-) haha
    I would be reallllllly happy to hear from you. Thank you in advance!

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