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Apple’s Greed Did Itself In


Citing Steve Jobs email, DOJ claims Apple changed in-app purchase to retaliate against Amazon

The Steve Jobs email exchange that perfectly captures Apple’s strategy

Did Steve Jobs even see the TV ad in question?

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iFive Mini 3 In Actual Photos

Five Technology held a Sina Weibo conference unveiling its way over-hyped iFive Mini 3 [Google English].


Really, that’s the only one I’m convinced is a real photo.

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The Intel Atom-Powered Teclast P89 Mini

Imp3Net claims it’s “officially released” [Google English].

Those words must have a different meaning in China, because it’s still not at the Teclast website.


Nevertheless we have most of the final specs.

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Steve Ballmer Finally Does The Math

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months

Hey, Steve! Before your trip to Disney World, what do you get when you add up the wreckage of Windows 8, the wreckage of Windows Phone, and the wreckage of Microsoft Surface?


A big fat zero!

Thank you for playing, Steve! Ultimately, you are smarter than a fifth grader!

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