Apple’s Greed Did Itself In


Citing Steve Jobs email, DOJ claims Apple changed in-app purchase to retaliate against Amazon

The Steve Jobs email exchange that perfectly captures Apple’s strategy

Did Steve Jobs even see the TV ad in question?

Let me repeat it:

The email exchange can be seen in the links above.

So blinded by his greed, Steve wasn’t thinking clearly. He over-reacted. (Trust me, I know all about over-reacting.)

The proper responses would have been one of these:

1) Phil, don’t worry about it. It’s just books.

2) Phil, that reminds me. If we want to compete in books, we should do iBooks for Android. I’ll get the team on that.

3) Phil, what if the ad had said she’d had to borrow her partner’s Android phone? Calm down.

4) Phil, it’s a good thing Amazon didn’t mention how we’re trying to trap people with iBooks — which can’t even be read on our Macs!


Isn’t serving customers supposed to get reactions like this from them:


And not crushed disappointment when they learn they can’t read their iBooks on anything other than an Apple-branded device?

The way it should be:


Books are too important to be locked to one device, one operating system — or even one store.

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One response to “Apple’s Greed Did Itself In

  1. You’re right, Steve wasn’t thinking clearly. Of all people, he should have known that by letting people have easy access on all their devices, Apple would have won. When it came to business it seems he was blind to what was so clear to him in product design and user experience.

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