iFive Mini 3 In Actual Photos

Five Technology held a Sina Weibo conference unveiling its way over-hyped iFive Mini 3 [Google English].


Really, that’s the only one I’m convinced is a real photo.

Still, here are some more:



Two hands from two different people up there. It could be Photoshopped. Especially given those shadows.

The post is filled with hype about its measurements. Really, are a few millimeters in a certain dimension that much of a selling point? I don’t think so.

And then they try to get away with this as its AnTuTu score:


18,593? Right. Pull the other leg, Five Technology. Unless you’ve secured a supply of Rockchip 3188 CPUs that will all run flat-out at 1.8GHz, that score is bullshit. The proper range is in the 17,000s.

Again: Because they were so focused on being the thinnest out there, they gutted this tablet. It’s too slim to accommodate a 2GB RAM chip. With just 1GB of RAM, it’s worthless. It can’t do MultiWindow Android and it’s already been established with other tablets that 1GB is just not enough. I don’t believe anything Five Technology says about how they’ve magically optimized their flavor of Android to make do with 1GB of RAM. Neither should you.


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2 responses to “iFive Mini 3 In Actual Photos

  1. 18500 could be realistic with OCed sample tablet, although i don’t think so all of them will be able doing this, I have no problem to get 17200 on stock firmware of CHuwi V88S without OC

    btw. why do you think number on measuring tool is real and not edited? it’s not problem to edit antutu score as well the thickness

    • mikecane

      I think the caliper is genuine because that’s been their big selling point and it’d be the easiest for people to debunk when they get it in their hands.

      As for that AnTuTu score, I’ve got another post coming up which again shows it hitting the 18,000-range — and this time it’s not a BS test by the manufacturer!

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