First Review Of Intel Atom-Powered Teclast P89 Mini

The Teclast P89 Mini is the first — or maybe only? — iPad Mini clone to be powered by an Intel Atom CPU. Its distinguishing characteristic is an AnTuTu score rivaling that of the newest smartphones using the latest quad- and octa-core CPUs.

And today it has been reviewed — as an engineering prototype — and that review was cross-posted to a forum [Google English]. (Note I cannot find the original review. And if it was indeed written by “Anonymous,” it might actually be astroturf.)

This is well before its release date — which is revealed as September 3rd.


Here’s the best and worst news, right off the bat …


… the CPU does indeed top at 2GHz! That’s a new high for an iPad Mini clone. The Rockchip 3188 has been limited to 1.6GHz (likely due to yield issues).

On the other hand, it’s saying that RAM is just 1GB. I hope that’s an error. 2GBs should be the minimum RAM for any Android tablet in 2013 — and this is supposed to have 2GBs of LPDDR2 RAM.

And if I’m reading the above correctly, there’s 16GBs of internal storage and a 16GB microSD card is being used with the tablet. Although no mention of a microSD card has appeared in specs, there’s mention of one and a photograph of it at the bottom of the tablet (click through to the forum for that and other photos).

AnTuTu (note that images are the size that were available):


Not the 30,000-range we’ve seen, but that 29,000-range is still great. The Rockchip 3188 is in the 17.000-range, so this is a big improvement in AnTuTu performance.

This odd screensnap is a disappointment:


Multitouch is just five points, not ten. Hmmm.

Android seems to be unmolested by any skin or other tragic modification:


As for battery life:


That’s not a full rundown test. The review is claiming that seven hours should be achieved with solid use. We’ll have to see what other reviews say. The battery is just 4,600mAh, which is below the 5,000mAh of the Chuwi V88 and the 5,500mAh of the ICOO Fatty 2.

No software compatibility issues were encountered and I wonder if that will hold up with use by actual owners who are likely to try a wider variety of apps.

The cameras were mentioned and are disappointing. But let’s see what actual snaps look like. None appear in this cross-posted review.

A postscript to the review in the forum mentions the possibility of color backs. I’ll wait to see if that actually happens. Adding different colors can create inventory nightmares. Chuwi once said it’d offer a variety of color backs for the V88 but that never happened.

On the whole, this sounds all good. But let’s wait for other reviews and especially for buyers to get their hands on it before the final word is in.

Lastly, remember that — so far — only certain iPad Mini clones using the Rockchip platform will have MultiWindow Android. This tablet seems to be a good argument for Google adding multiwindowing to Android itself. All that CPU power just cries out for full use!

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