iFive Mini 3: Unboxed, Bad AC Charger


I’m not an EE, so I don’t know exactly what’s happening here. But someone in a forum [Google English] is complaining about the USB AC charger adapter bundled with the iFive Mini 3. As it is, I really don’t like the looks of that thing itself in the picture. I don’t think we’d ever see that get UL approval here in the USA.

Here are two photos from that forum:



I have to say that this tablet doesn’t interest me at all. I know that the founders of the company are former employees from Samsung and others, but this tablet is just too little too late.

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5 responses to “iFive Mini 3: Unboxed, Bad AC Charger

  1. Richard Day

    Yeah, that charger looks awful. UL has authorized labs in Asia (as do European agencies) and serious electronics makers there selling to the US do go through the testing.

    When I see a device which has zero credible certifications, I stay the hell away from it because it is usually a fire waiting to happen.

    And that tablet? Unless they have an extraordinary low retail price in mind, it is DOA.

    • mikecane

      Right now, clones have dropped to 799 locally. It’s coming it at the 899 price the other tablets were at originally. They’re screwed.

      • what clones, 2GB? because 1GB clones are for long time less than 699

      • mikecane

        Yes, 2GB ones. The Ice Green Chuwi V88 is 799 in China as are all the other first-generation clones. I wouldn’t expect this price reduction to be reflected by stores that sell internationally, however.

  2. Couple of thoughts – first, I really like the blog! Short but well written and informative posts! Excellent :). I am adding it to a news source for me. Things change so quickly in mobile tech it can be hard to keep up!
    2nd. – I have tested the PiPo U8, the Chuwi V88, and the Mini3. I would only personally buy the Mini3. – The PiPo U8 feels fat by comparison, the one that came for review had a bad touch panel (ghost touches), and the screen is DIM by comparison to the one used on the Mini3 which is darn near perfect. 3rd – I never experienced any performance or lag issues the entire time I used the device (nearly 1 month of use I think?). That included heavy gaming (N.O.V.A. 3), three email accounts syncing, internet browsing, pdf reading, ebook reading, magazine reading. etc… It got used pretty heavily and nary a slowdown. 3. The build quality was perfect – No other china tab I have ever tested prior or since even comes close. I have used an iPad Mini at length, it doesn’t even feel or look as nice. Finally, my charger did stop working after a month, but it is a USB charger so at least they are cheap to replace :). Anyhow, I wouldn’t be so down on the unit. Having dealt with pretty much every major brand of China tablet I can reasonably say that FNF is a step above the rest. PiPo comes up behind them but they go through bad bouts of bad quality control. Ployer comes in close to PiPo however they have less QC issues.

    The FNF iFive X2 and the Mini3 were easily the two best units I had ever reviewed out of China and still are. It comes across in their workmanship and design that they are actually trying to set themselves apart from every other Chinese mfr.

    You can talk specs all day and say that 1 Gb of ram is a killer. I agree in the sense that it is going to really hurt sales as it makes it hard for the shopper to see the value of the unit when all of the other clones are touting 2 Gb. But the difference is that you are A.) WAY MORE LIKELY to get a good working unit B.) Going to be significantly happier with the Aesthetics and C.) WAY MORE LIKELY to still have a working unit a few months from now. Trust me I know, I bought a Chuwi V88 shortly after they were released for myself personally and now the unit freezes all the time (reflashed several different firmwares… something is hardware defective…)… We have also gone through replacements of V88’s for customers. We send them Mini3’s and they are much happier with the device, even though the ram is spec’d lower.

    It is the same reason many thinking people buy Apple products (by “thinking” I mean the folks that actually are aware of other electronic brands and still choose Apple because they have good reason to). Because generally speaking the are more likely to get a product that is going to last them for years and work well. I don’t like Apple, but that is how they have established themselves as a brand. If FNF is trying to do the same, I am behind them 100% as Android, and particularly the Chinese Tablet scene, is in desperate need of a company with that kind of focus.

    My 2-cents ;)


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