iFive Mini 3 Unofficially Unboxed

Five Technology gets its head handed to it in a post criticizing the lateness of its tablet [Google English].

And then another site — being told by Five Technology that all units were reserved for stores and no units had been set aside for reviewers(!) — had to rely on a store for unofficial real-life unboxing photos [Google English].


There are more photos at the post, I’m just going to use a few.

See, this is what a real photo looks like:


That’s the kind of photo most real-world users would wind up taking, with focus off a bit and the inevitable reflection to ruin it all. How unlike the professional photos in astroturf posts!


That abominable iFive skin over Android:



And now here is a genuine shock. They ran AnTuTu and …


… is it to be believed? The 3188 is still being limited to 1.6GHz (as other AnTuTu snaps at the post show), so how does it get a score in the 18,000-range?

We’ll have to wait for official reviews — and especially word from buyers (if there are any, this tablet being both so late and limited to just 1GB of RAM) — to see.

But is anyone really interested in this tablet? Just 1GB of RAM and tablets coming soon with Exynos octa-core and Intel Atom CPUs. I see the iFive Mini 3 as offering too little too late.

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