Ramos K-Series Tablet Unveil August 28th

Ramos was supposed to unveil its new K-series tablets on August 8th. That never happened — and not a single Chinese tech site even bothered to mention whether or not the delay was official.

Last week word started to bubble up that a new date had been set: August 28th. Today Ramos made the date official in three advertorial posts [Google English, Google English, Google English].

Reminder: The Ramos K-series is their HTC One-styled iPad Mini clone:


Ramos deserves some credit for sleek pimping material:



There might be four tablets introduced. Two in the K series, a larger one based on the Intel Atom, and a mystery tablet — which is speculated to be powered by the Intel Atom and have an 8.9-inch screen. We’ll see.

Unfortunately, at least one site [Google English] is maintaining the K1 tablet will contain the AllWinner A31s CPU, which would be a pity. The K2 tablet is expected to be 3G-enabled and that will likely contain a MediaTek CPU.

The theme of the upcoming news conference is “subversion.” Ramos could do that by not using the AllWinner A31s and surprising everyone with a Rockchip 3188 CPU with MultiWindow Android.

Let’s see what happens on the 28th.

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