Xiaomi “Purple Rice” Tablet Leak

Xiaomi has the cool and buzz factors happening for it in China so this leak is to fan the flames and is likely calculated to blunt the Ramos K-series introduction two days from now [Google English and Google English]



Speculation about this tablet has been all over the map. I’m not going to go there except for two points:

1) It looks like a 4:3 tablet to me. But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this leak is of a prototype and not what will be introduced allegedly on September 5th.

2) Latest rumor is that it will use a Tegra 4 CPU. If you haven’t heard, that chip has thermal issues. At full blast, it produces way too much heat for a tablet. This is why we’ve suddenly seen a bunch of Snapdragon-powered devices. Everyone has been switching to that. But apparently Nvidia must have given Xiaomi a price it couldn’t refuse, so if they use the Tegra 4, they will throttle its speed down to meet thermal limits. This could have very bad repercussions for people who root it and overclock the CPU.

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