October: Eight-Inch Microsoft Surface Mini

This is a rumor that just won’t die.

April 13, 2013: Rumor: Microsoft To Do 7.2-Inch 4:3 Tablet

May 16, 2013: An Eight-Inch Surface RT Tablet In June?

July 2, 2013: Update: That Eight-Inch Surface

And today brings a report from China of a leak in social media of a Surface Mini arriving in October [Google English].


The rumored introduction date is October 18th. The Mini will use a Snapdragon CPU. That means it’ll run Windows RT.

Is anyone waiting for this?

We’ve already seen an eight-inch Windows tablet:


How has that been selling?

It hasn’t been.

Sure, Microsoft will probably do something with more appealing design — and a screen that won’t elicit screams of horror — but if it’s going to be another widescreen tablet, who will care?

The only chance Microsoft has — and it’s very slim — is to make it a 4:3 tablet and co-brand it with Barnes & Noble as a “Nook RT.” It might have some kind of future if it’s positioned as reading tablet.

Otherwise, this Surface Mini is going to be quickly forgotten as people rush to buy the latest version of the iPad Mini.

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