Tomorrow: Ramos K1 & K2 Tablets


I am looking forward to it. I like that design.


And there has been an intriguing rumor in a forum: That it will not have the AllWinner A31s CPU. It will have an Intel Atom CPU.

Quoting from a thread about the Teclast P89 Mini:

August 28 out of [Ramos] have the same processor, same size, same resolution, the same memory K1 tablet, which is to keep [Teclast] P89 mini dry on the time you can look, ha ha ……

That would be something!

Interestingly, Teclast has scheduled a Sina Weibo live conference tomorrow for its P89 Mini. That tablet uses an Intel Atom. So are they doing that because Ramos will be using an Atom CPU too?

We’ll know tomorrow.

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