Teclast P89 Mini: 1GB RAM, Evaluated Twice


Let’s get the bad news out first: Early reports were incorrect. The Teclast P89 Mini has just 1GB of RAM, not 2GBs. I understand that the RAM is likely more expensive, but this tablet is likely going to be pricey as it is (locally, the rumor is above 1,000), so why not also offer a 2GB version to appeal to users who really want all that CPU power?

It gets evaluated — I won’t say “reviewed,” because these are engineering samples and not a lot of apps are tested — at two different sites, IMP3Net [Google English] and ZOL [Google English]. Both of these reports should be taken as unlabeled advertorial hype and not guides to buying, especially since both reports run nearly identical performance tests.

Over at IMP3Net, they get this AnTuTu score:


And contrast it to the AllWinner A31s CPU and the Rockchip 3188:


While over at ZOL, they get this AnTuTu score:


And, very conveniently — ahem — also contrast it to the AllWinner A31s CPU and the Rockchip 3188:


Each run additional benchmark tests, with iMP3Net going a bit further into describing the hardware and even testing at least two games for compatibility.

Android looks to be generally unmolested, but I have questions about swapping out the native Android browser for a different one and the inclusion of MX Player for video. It makes me wonder if the native Android browser is incompatible with the Intel Atom. That also makes me wonder if Chrome might be too. As for MX Player, does that mean other video players are incompatible? We probably won’t know until this gets in the hands of actual buyers and they report their own findings.

There could be as little as 400MBs of RAM free, which could bring force closing of browser tabs — something that’s been noted with other tablets that have just 1GB of RAM.

Additionally, although it scores well with AnTuTu, it’s noted that in the case of this tablet — if not for any Android device running on the Intel Atom — that shouldn’t be taken as a reflection of real-world performance. So, again, we’ll really have to wait for reports from buyers for the truth.

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