Ainol Working On 3G iPad Mini Clone


Not something get excited about. It will combine a dual-core AllWinner A20 CPU with 3G [Google English]. 3G will be via a new UltraStick standard developed by Huawei [Google English] and already adopted by Chuwi in a new Retina-class tablet [Google English].

Apparently UltraStick will make it very easy to offer 3G as an option for tablets:


Here are the tech specs:


I have to wonder, however, if this will limit 3G tablets to China? That is, moreso than they already might be. UltraStick would have to be adopted outside of China and become an international standard before it’s safe for everyone to buy. Otherwise, these tablets might not have the standard SIM and microSIM card slots people outside of China expect.

Same-day update: I’ve learned that UltraStick replaces the need for tablet makers to build 3G into their tablets. The UltraStick is the 3G. And apparently a SIM or microSIM is then inserted into the UltraStick. This is all rather clever.


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3 responses to “Ainol Working On 3G iPad Mini Clone

  1. Ben Whitaker

    Not HSPA+ as found on a proper modern SOC… a bit disappointing.

    Do you really want to be buying an HSDPA device which is circa 2006, seven years later in 2013?

    Still, I appreciate making the cost modular. But don’t make it seven years obsolete. HSPA+ can’t cost a lot more.

    HSPA+, 3.75G or 4G depending who you talk to, is the most widespread 20+Mbit network; we get 12Mbit down and 1+ up here in Jakarta. No LTE and battery drain. Easy upgrade to existing infrastructure therefore widespread. You will find it everywhere.

    Given that it is standard issue in so many cheapo System On a Chip (SOC)s, you have to think twice about this Stick strategy taking you back seven years in time. HSDPA maxes at 14.4 and typically delivers fiveish numbers on a good day. Also, because it is supported on virtually every phone made today, you lose any “network exclusivity”; your network is overrun.

    The best network is typically the one with the least people on it. You don’t want to be on the HSDPA cattle train from 2006-7.

  2. Ben Whitaker

    This just reinforces the original comment of “Not something get excited about.”

    That applies to not only the tablet hardware, but importantly to the mis-named ‘UltraStick” which should probably be named “BasicConnectionStick.” Any technology which is seven years old cannot be called “Ultra” anymore.

    I think you have to get into the sub $40 phone category to find anything that doesn’t ship with HSDPA in 2013. There is nothing Ultra about it.

    And HSPA+ which rivals LTE speeds is found in many sub $60 phones/tablets. I’ve had a few; cost is no barrier to top speeds.

    So I would say when you see “UltraStick” you should think “trapped in the distant past.”

    • mikecane

      You might as well be speaking to me in Morse Code. I don’t understand any of this yet because I don’t need it in my life yet, so I won’t waste brain cells on it. This is why I tell people they’re on their own when it comes to getting a tablet that works with cell service.

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