Open webOS: Now Too Late


It was a year ago that Open webOS beta was released.

There was a minor flurry of excitement as various people got it semi-working on a bunch of devices.

Then silence.

Then along came MultiWindow Android.

And MultiWindow Android is just better.

LG is supposed to be using webOS for a Smart TV. With Chromecast having shown people that a $35 dongle can make an ordinary TV smart enough, I think LG has placed a losing bet.

In addition, combining MultiWindow Android with Miracast and a large-screen TV is superior to any Smart TV that’s ever been produced.

webOS was cutting edge for its day but I think that day is now over.

I’m moving on.


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2 responses to “Open webOS: Now Too Late

  1. A phone this size only makes sense with earphones, an earpiece or a headset with mic.

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