Teclast P89 Mini Gets Priced

Teclast revealed the price of its Intel Atom-powered iPad Mini clone, the P89 Mini [Google English, Google English]:


999 locally. It was expected to be anywhere from 1,099 to 1,299.

The price seems aggressive but first-generation iPad Mini clones have dropped from their initial 899 prices down to 699. Will people see the value of the increased performance the Intel Atom offers? I don’t know. I think it will depend on how compatible it is with popular games.

With an AnTuTu score in the 29,000-range, this would probably scream with Google Books PDFs.


Teclast P89 Mini website

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8 responses to “Teclast P89 Mini Gets Priced

  1. jesusllor

    I bought an Icco Fatty II, and I was impressed with the performance, wifi and battery, but I would like to go for a 2GB RAM now, I want to see what Xiaomi presents this week, but with the info we have would you buy chuwi ice green or wait for teclast? or which else?

  2. anders

    Then it would be resonable to see this product to be priced at $180-$190 for international orders. However it all depends on the willingness to compete against for example cube u55gt (talk 79) and the other upcoming ipad mini ‘clones’ that seams to be priced well below $200.

  3. E.T.

    For those interested, it is priced at $210 at [redacted seller link]

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