And So The Inevitable End Of Nokia

Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s devices & services business, license Nokia’s patents and mapping services

Go on, all you Nokia fanboys. Tell me again how Nokia was never, ever in a death spiral.

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2 responses to “And So The Inevitable End Of Nokia

  1. Richard Day

    I don’t think there was any doubt they were in a death spiral. Look at the immediate, massive (Sterling 1.5 billion) advance MSFT is giving them.

    My guess: Nokia was either on the edge of declaring bankruptcy or (more likely) was planning a jump to Android to save paying MSFT royalties on Windows Phone software.

    This gets Nokia out of the painful, distant 3rd-place hardware maker business and turns them into … a patent troll?

    And it gets MSFT into competing directly with its Asian licensees with the Windows Phone, which should persuade all of them to move on.

    And MSFT moves from being a software and services company to a hybrid. Are they trying in their strange way to emulate Apple?

    • mikecane

      As soon as the iPhone was announced, back in 2007, I said Nokia would go into a death spiral. I got shit from 2007 on about that. Today: Vindication.

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