Latest A31s AnTuTu Scores Are Confounding

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here.

Here’s an AnTuTu 3.4 score for the Onda V819 Mini:


I called bullshit on that.

But then something weird happened …

… the Onda V819 Mini got an actual review and got this AnTuTu 3.4 score:



The AllWinner A31s has previously scored in the 12,000 range. So how is this possible?

The review claims that there’s been a lot of optimization done for the Onda V819 Mini.

But what kind of optimization can make an AnTuTu score jump from the 12,000s to the 20,000s?

What also puzzles me is the use of AnTuTu 3.4. Why wasn’t 4.0 used?

Something just doesn’t seem right here.

For the A31s to beat the Rockchip 3188 is beyond belief.

The A31s is clocked at 1GHz. The 3188 is 1.6Ghz.

I can’t see how the Rockchip can be beaten.

I smell a rat.

I’ll continue to monitor this.



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2 responses to “Latest A31s AnTuTu Scores Are Confounding

  1. it’s very simple, both counterfeiters decided to stick to same number around 20k in antutu

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