Onda V819 Mini Gets Reviewed


The Onda V819 is a thinner and lighter version of the V818 Mini [Google English]. The back camera has been downgraded to 2MP from 5MP but the tablet now has hardware Volume buttons and the speakers have been improved.

Here is the AnTuTu spec screen:


And this is the alleged AnTuTu score:


See this post for my thoughts about that. Note that this is still the same A31s CPU that scored in the 11,000 range during reviews of the Onda V818: Onda V818 Mini: Credible AnTuTu Scores.

Here’s a sample pic from the downgraded back camera:


Until that incredible AnTuTu score is explained or confirmed by actual buyers, I’d stick with the original 11,000-range score and pass this up if you’re looking for a powerful tablet. It’s at the lower boundary of AnTuTu scores for a tablet that can do Google Books PDFs.

However, if game play is the most important issue, it has the best GPU of quad-core ARM-based tablets and handles them well.

Previously here:

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One response to “Onda V819 Mini Gets Reviewed

  1. Luca

    Thanks man! It’s really hard to find ANY review of this or its similar models, I’m awaiting a v819 4GLTE model and can’t wait until it comes. Hope it all works out for me!

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