Ramos Tablets With Intel Inside Coming

In two unlabeled advertorial posts [Google English and Google English], slim details are given about a slew of new tablets from Ramos due to be announced on September 12th (a date that could change, given the K1 delay). They’ll all use the Intel Atom Z2580 CPU and some will have 2GBs of RAM.

The Z2580 is the same Intel CPU used by the Teclast P89 Mini. So this gets interesting in terms of widening the choices for powerful tablets. And the 2GBs of RAM would be very welcome, if true.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t post about this but there’s mention of a tablet with an eight-inch screen, called the i8. I’m probably way off the mark, but I’m hoping that will be a K1 tablet with an Intel Atom. Ramos could get away with differentiating like that. There’s pricing, positioning, and branding room for it.

Well, I can be stupid and wish!


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3 responses to “Ramos Tablets With Intel Inside Coming

  1. Thomas

    If those pics are true, then I am waiting for these. They look great. Hopefully they have at least a decent performance.
    How is the Intel soc with PDFs?

  2. TabletSprint is carrying this new line of intel Ramos – i-Series — they expect to have more details on September 12th

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