Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #12

It’s been a while between these Notes posts because there hasn’t been anything worthy of creating a new post. Even now. I’m not keen on what will be in here but do it so people will know.

For all those looking for an eight-inch tablet that isn’t necessarily an iPad Mini clone, Alcatel — which threatened to release an eight-inch tablet at the last CES but never did — has a new one called the Evo8 [Google English and Google English].


It’s not exactly pretty but it has a true Smart Cover, with an LED built-in that displays an icon for incoming Notifications via 3G. Unfortunately, this has an unknown dual-core CPU, running at 1.6GHz, and a miserly 4GBs of storage. We have to wait for AnTuTu scores and full specs to see if this is worth any money at all. See the posts for embedded videos which I’m not including here.

3G tablets are the New Thing in China and Vido has jumped in the race with the Mini 3G, in an advertorial post [Google English].


It has a standard-sized SIM card slot and does GSM and WCDMA (I write that as if I understand it; I don’t — cellphone frequencies are not my thing). Aside from the standard 1024 x 768 screen, nothing else is known about this tablet. I suspect it has a MediaTek CPU, but RAM and storage are unknown. It’s so new it’s not even on Vido’s website. I wish manufacturers would sync their third-party pimping with their company websites.

The CUBE Talk 79 gets a thorough astroturf post in English: A 7.9-inch Phone — the CUBE Talk 79 Hands-on Review. (Note to newcomers: It’s the artsy photos that reveal it to be astroturf.)


The CUBE Talk 79 is the first 3G-enabled iPad Mini clone. It uses a quad-core 1.2GHz MediaTek 8389 CPU, has just 1GB of RAM, and 16GBs of storage. It does the usual WCDMA and GSM. What it does not do is external storage — there’s no microSD card slot!

I don’t know about everyone else, but having a microSD card slot is a key feature Android has over iOS and why I even bother to look at Android devices.

Those who think we’ll just keep downloading (and re-downloading) stuff from “The Cloud” are, to be charitable, mistaken.

Just yesterday best-selling writer Susan Orlean was waiting for a plane and tried to download a movie to watch beforehand:

No, let me be blunt: Those who think “The Cloud” is the answer have their heads up their asses. I have hundreds of GBs of stuff on a hard drive, much of which cannot be downloaded from “The Cloud” and that’s why microSD cards were invented, dammit. Take your spy-infested and hacker-vulnerable “Cloud” and shove it. Card storage forever!

The mysterious ONN tablet from several months ago has finally appeared — and it has 3G [Google English].


The ONN M7 has a quad-core 1.2GHz MediaTek 8389 CPU, has 1GB of RAM, a stingy 8GBs of storage, 2MP front and 5MP back cameras, and a 4,000mAh battery. It does the usual WCDMA and GSM. Notably, it does not ship with a charger. Instead, it expects users to charge via USB, one of the few tablets to offer that.


And it has a microSD card slot, unlike the CUBE Talk 79.

It also has built-in fraud:


The back has twin speakers grilles but there’s actually only one speaker.

This is a tablet with more than just speaker fraud as its problem. Read the full review. They say this is more targeted for overseas sales. My advice is to avoid it.

The Tomato T1 tablet gets some advertorial hype [Google English].


This was covered in detail earlier here: Two Tomato Tablets. I mention this tablet again because I really like the look of their pimping slides (sample above). This company has taste. I also like the silly name, Tomato. It has an Apple-like appeal. Their Tomato logo is also striking. Photos demonstrating its phone working are available in a different advertorial post [Google English].

In an advertorial post [Google English], Teclast pimps the WiDi ability of its powerful Atom-based P89 Mini tablet.



I think that’s the true future of TV: It’s just a large screen with wireless connectivity. TV makers have other ideas — they want a “Smart TV” that will spy on us. No.

Finally, Colorfly seems to be introducing an eight-inch tablet with the Rockchip 3188, leaked via an astroturf forum post [Google English]:


I know the renders make it look widescreen but the rumored spec for the screen is 1024 x 768. So this might be an iPad Mini clone, like the U781 Q1. Or not. Colorfly’s 781 is one of the better-built clones with the best camera of the bunch [Google English], hampered by an A31s CPU. If they can do a 781 with a Rockchip 3188, it’d be formidable. But if they’re aiming for a price of 529, don’t expect anything you’d want to buy. It’ll likely be a cheap plastic slab. And if the rumored 1GB of RAM stands, it won’t do MultiWindow Android, which would be a real lost opportunity. Their build quality would make people flock to them if they offered a 781 with a Rockchip 3188 and 2GBs of RAM. They’d dethrone Chuwi — which is popular only because it was first offering 2GBs of RAM — easily.

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8 responses to “Chinese iPad Mini Clone Notes #12

  1. well the Colorfly CT801 has VERY interesting price, really only 559RMB on Taobao, much lower than 699RMB of Chuwi V88S, although dunno if it has bluetooth, what i’ve found interesting in taobao advertisement that they claim expense on hardware components on device, I’d be curious how much they are spot on, since I know 7.85″ IPS display cost around 145RMB for regular customer (in bulk and in factory for sure much lower) while they claim 180RMB, the battery is supposed to have 4400mAh, although in ad they claim it’s 8″ and not 7.85″ so not really ipad mini clone, whole backplate seem to be metalic AKA horrid wifi, what I’m missing in ad is weight, thickness (10mm), but it seems very interesting for this price if it has RK3188

    • mikecane

      Slowest frikkin page I’ve ever encountered. Never loaded completely. Colorfly just released a 399 tablet too, 7-inch. After going high-end with the 781, they seem to have changed course to budget tabs.

  2. it’s TMall, the biggest chinese shopping website (which makes it probably bigger than eBay), same owner as Taobao/Aliexpress, I guess their connectivity is for Chinese shoppers and not for foreign IPs, would not be surprised if they would block them completely so outsiders can’t find real prices/fake stuff, same as they do with MP3 on Baidu and other CN websites

  3. Ben Whitaker

    I’ve had my cube U55 GT for about a week. true it would be great if it had a memory card slot but the phone capability is a huge win in my book. A bona fide earpiece and proximity sensor. I typically carry a galaxy note and this thing is thinner and about twice as fast at half of what my phone would cost used (!) right now.this 8389 processor does not choke on anything and I will say this thing has never hung or restarted ever in a week. Plus everything works out of the box and I mean absolutely previous experience with this category was Vido Mini One of which I bought 6 units for my entire family and was dismayed to find out how unstable the software was. They cut out a few times a day. Skype doesn’t work. All of that is solvable by firmware upgrades but not so practical now that family took them home to various foreign countries.? I wish I could magically convert them all to these Cubes. the other day my phone battery died but I was still able to make a regular telephone call in a noisy environment with this device. Sure it looked like I was holding an iPad Mini up to my head but I could really care less. it would be nice if it somehow had a full HD or Retina display plus 2 gigs of ram plus a camera that takes gorgeous pictures. And an SD card would sure be nice. let’s throw in a removable battery and dual sim while we’re at it. the genuine telephone functionality is a huge feature in my book. I’m not stuck with a wifi only tablet that can’t even do a GPS in the field without tethering and also cannot do we chat or whatsapp without awkward side loading. this whole post was written using Google Voice typing standing up and walking around on this cube U55 GT also known as talk 79 tablet. which I often slip into my right front pants pocket, display facing out so as not to touch any of the rivets on the watch pocket. You can see about an inch of the top but the fact is I have a full blown iPad mini sized 3G tablet with complete telephone functionality as well on my person without having to carry a bag.

    I read every single one of your posts on this topic before doing any shopping and want to say keep it up! Great reporting. It is a jungle out there.

  4. Ben Whitaker

    …and the speakers are louder than my 10 inch Samsung tab 10.1…alarmingly loud. The Vidos are barely enough for watching videos even maxed out. with this cube I keep the volume between 10 and 40 percent typically.

  5. jim b

    about the u55.
    bought one last week in China Guangzhou, and can’t believe the value!
    cost me $130US, worked from the box, had android 4.2.2, 1gb ram, 16gb internal SD, slot for 32 GB sdhc.
    very light, mine is white, looks stylish.
    you have root access.
    3g works in China & Australia and I assume everywhere else.
    works with Skype very nicely.
    has 4 core ARM A7 processor, verified using cpu-x app.
    I go to China every two months and never found Chinese tablets appealing, always looked clunky and over the top, with half the text in Chinese even after you select English in settings. not this thing, once I set to English, never saw a Chinese character again, except emails!
    I already have iPad, and galaxy tab 10.1, but this will soon become my number one.
    if I sound enthused, yep, I am. I still can’t believe it!

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