Kickstarter: Gerry Anderson’s Gemini Force One

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I rarely pimp Kickstarters. There are just too many and bringing up one after another creates fatigue and resentment in people.

So this is just the second Kickstarter I’ve ever mentioned. The first was for writer Eddie Wright — and that went through. I hope this one will too.

Because it’s very special.

I grew up on the TV series of Gerry Anderson. I have tons of blog posts about his work (here and an earlier blog and my first blog).

More than any other person in my life, he shaped my idea of what the future could be like.

Sadly, he died last year.

But he had one last project in the works:


And that’s what this Kickstarter is all about.

To bring to life as a novel what hopes to be a series of books about this new world he’s created.

The goal is just £24,350, which is really a pittance compared to other projects that have been funded without such a prominent name attached to them.

Gerry Anderson’s influence has been far, wide, and deep. Even George Lucas mentioned Gerry’s work as an inspiration. The gadgeteers of the 1960s James Bond movies also got ideas from his series. Every time his series are re-run in England or Japan, they incite a new generation of fans and create new merchandise for them.

Rather than me going on and on, click through to the Kickstarter and contribute if you’ve ever been a fan of his work or appreciate the influence he’s had in TV and filmed SF.

Let’s make this, as us fans would say, “S.I.G.”


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