Xiaomi Announces Phone, TV

Xiaomi is of interest to me only because of their upcoming rumored tablet, which might be an iPad Mini clone. Or not. The rumors are still all over the map.

Today in China they introduced a phone that is, ahem, inspired by the Lumia series of the now Microsoft-swallowed Nokia.


There’s no single source of good information. It’s spread across several sites.

Coverage at 1Pad of the phone [Google English].

Coverage at IMP3Net of the phone [Google English].

Coverage at iFanr of the phone and TV [Google English].

Coverage at iFanr of Xiaomi’s strategy [Google English].

Liveblog archive at PC Pop [Google English — most is not translated].

Slideshow of phone at PC Pop.

Slideshow of phone camera sample photos at PC Pop. These are stunning and should be seen.

From what I have seen, Xiaomi has put out the Android phone that Nokia should have from the start. Had Nokia done so, Samsung would be in second-place today and Nokia would still be an independent company raking in billions of dollars and offering a great alternative to the iPhone.

Same-day update:

For coverage in English:

Engadget: Xiaomi unveils new Android-powered 5-inch MI3, 47-inch smart TV in China

Bloomberg: Xiaomi Beats Apple to Smart TV With $490 Set Coming Next Month

AnandTech: Xiaomi Announces the MI3 – Tegra 4 and MSM8974AB inside

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