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How Amazon Could Make Its Phone Free

Exclusive: Amazon Wants To Offer Its Smartphone for Free. Who Will Follow?

It’s not that hard.

Amazon has the lesson of China’s Xiaomi.

Xiaomi sells its phones just about at cost and makes their money selling services, apps, and accessories. They also make their phones in limited batches. They don’t do the kind of long production runs we here in the West expect, like Apple does with the iPhone. This is why Xiaomi is so damned hot in China. And also why Xiaomi has gone to a valuation of $10B in just a few years. Whether that valuation is true or not, don’t carp. The same could be said of Amazon for years!

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R.I.P. Writer A.C. Crispin

A.C. Crispin, 1950-2013

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Twitter Has A New Problem: Follower Bombing

I signed into Twitter and looked at my Follower count.

Yesterday it was about 3,500-and something (maybe 3,572?).

This morning it was this:


It added over fourteen thousand “Followers” overnight.

No, I am not popular like that.

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Bizarre Ramos K Series Demo Model

Allwinner has announced a new dual-core A23 CPU (which, oddly, uses the Mali400MP2 GPU instead of the PowerVR SGX544 MP2 GPU of the A31) [Google English].

At their IFA booth, one of the demo models for their range of CPUs is this:


It’s the guts of the K1 with most of the body of the K2 and the bottom front of the K1. WTF. I’m hoping someone at IFA can get to that booth and try to run AnTuTu on it so we can get the first score.


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Ramos: September 12


Here we go again, with Ramos publishing an official introduction date. Let’s hope this time there’s no postponement.

There’s a rumor of an eight-inch i8 tablet. I’m foolishly hoping this will be an Atom-based K-series tablet. We’ll see.

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