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Ramos Makes AnTuTu Claim For K Tablets

Ramos has revealed its website for their gorgeous new K-series tablets.

And this is what they themselves are claiming as the AnTuTu 3.4 score:

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What’s going on here?

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“Ice Green” Chuwi V88 Gets A Review


This is odd. ZOL acts as if this is an entirely new product from Chuwi and not just a re-dress of the original 2GB V88, even though “facelift” is in the review title [Google English].

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New Chuwi V88HD Has No HD

Instead of solving their endless AC charger issue — which would be big news in itself — Chuwi has chosen to release another iteration of their V88 [Google English and Google English].


The only difference between it and the original V88 is that it has 8GBs, not 16GBs, of internal storage.

There’s no HD screen at all. It’s the same 1024 x 768. So what is Chuwi trying to get away with?

And the two reports state that RAM is just 1GB — yet Chuwi is claiming it can do MultiWindow Android!

This should be called the Chuwi V88SE — for Sucker Edition.

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