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Lenovo Miix 8 Tablet Shown

Steve “Chippy” Paine is at the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco and minutes ago this photo appeared in his liveblog of the event:


That’s the first time the Lenovo Miix 8 has been seen in months — and the first time a working one has ever been seen.

I hope Chippy will be able to get the full specs of that and some more photos. It’s the one Windows device that genuinely interests me.

Thursday September 12 update: It no longer interests me. It’s not 4:3, as I had thought all this time. See this post.

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Update: That Eight-Inch Surface



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Allwinner: Fraud Inside?

As a Commenter has pointed out, if the AnTuTu score for the Ramos K1 tablet is fraudulent and the AnTuTu score for the Onda V819 Mini is fraudulent, then both companies must be engaged in a conspiracy of fraud.

I find that hard to believe.

So I think the source is further upstream, with the provider of the A31s platform, Allwinner.

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Ignore China, Get Punk’d

Yesterday. Gotta Be Mobile ran a report with a headline that excited me:


Really? HTC is finally doing a tablet?

I got excited because Gotta Be Mobile was correct when it leaked the original iPad Mini.

But this time …

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