Ignore China, Get Punk’d

Yesterday. Gotta Be Mobile ran a report with a headline that excited me:


Really? HTC is finally doing a tablet?

I got excited because Gotta Be Mobile was correct when it leaked the original iPad Mini.

But this time …

… they were wrong. Oh so wrong:


The photo was of the Ramos K1 tablet which cleverly had its logo Photoshopped away!

I tweeted them:


But apparently they didn’t listen.

Now Gotta Be Mobile — and the other sites that picked it up — are the source of humor today in China [Google English]:



And at the time I’m doing this post, the Gotta Be Mobile post is still up and still uncorrected.

I can’t be too hard on them. China has fooled me in the past too — which is why I now pay attention to them.

Same-day update: This is getting ridiculous now. PadHz has gotten fooled too and is reporting that the fake HTC One-like tablet is an HTC tablet {Google English]!

Again: Don’t be fooled! That’s the Ramos K1 with its logo cleverly Photoshopped away!

HTC One phone:


Camera on the right.

Ramos K1 tablet:

Click = big

Camera on the left, Ramos logo on the right.

Count the number of speaker grille perforations, measure the distance from the left edge to the camera if you have to — it’s the Ranos K1 tablet, not anything from HTC.



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2 responses to “Ignore China, Get Punk’d

  1. Richard Day

    Far too many of these sites just copy the next guy’s story without thought, research, of fact checking. Which makes them an utter waste of time to read..

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