Intel-Inside Tablets For US$100 This Year

At the Intel Developers Conference yesterday, a bit of a bomb was dropped that got lost in all of the coverage about Apple.

Intel said there will be tablets with Intel CPUs available this year for US$100.

I thought I first saw this claim in Chippy’s coverage, but a re-reading today didn’t find it. It’s reported in China, though [Google English].

It’s likely these will be Android tablets, which Intel was pimping outside their venue:


We’ve already seen a variety of cheap Android tablets with ARM CPUs. Most of them should have never been manufactured. They have non-IPS screens that are terrible, a stingy amount of RAM, the least possible amount of internal storage, and weak CPUs that were gotten only because they could had cheap, among many other problems.

The significant thing about an Intel-powered tablet is that it would likely contain the Z2580 Atom. While tech connoisseurs are quick to point out this is an older CPU, it’s still provides more computing power than most of the ARM CPUs being used in tablets — if the 29,000-range AnTuTu score of the Teclast P89 Mini is to be believed.

Speaking of that tablet, it’s even on display at the Intel conference (see this slideshow):


Of course, AnTuTu scores are one thing. How a tablet actually performs for an owner is what really matters. There are no owner reports yet of the Teclast P89 Mini, so this is still really unknown territory and enthusiasms should be tempered.

I just hope that tablets in the US$100 will be more like the Teclast P89 Mini and not like this unknown tablet also on display at the Intel conference:


Not only is that fugly, it’s plainly evident that the screen is non-IPS and would make eyes bleed.

We’ll have a better indication of what’s coming in terms of inexpensive Intel-inside tablets as the conference continues today.

And tomorrow is the big Intel-inside unveiling from Ramos. That should be interesting, even though it might not have anything like an iPad Mini clone in it (although I still hope the rumored i8 appears and is a K1 tablet with Intel inside.)

Plus, we still await more information about the Lenovo Miix 8.


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