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Rumor: Lenovo Miix 8 US$249

Fall 2013 Windows Tablet Preview

Click = big

Well, that screen resolution of 1280 x 800 shoots down my seeing it as a 4:3 tablet. I could have sworn it was. But no. All this time I’ve been wrong!

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Video: Lenovo Miix 8 Tablet


Santa Barbara Arts TV was at the Intel Developers Forum and captured some video that includes the elusive Lenovo Miix 8 tablet.

I’ve ripped and cropped some screensnaps from it and the video is after the break.

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Teclast P89 Mini: Android Apps Tested

Over at ZOL, a reviewer has taken it upon himself to check Teclast’s claims that the Intel Atom-based P89 Mini will run most Android apps just fine [Google English].

And most of the tested software does run well, with some games presenting problems.

Unfortunately, since there isn’t yet a method to gain root, exact frame-rate measurements couldn’t be obtained.

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Again: Avoid All Chinese Retina-Class Tablets

I’ve sounded this warning before but now it’s all backed up by Science.

In a post that looks like it’s a pick-up from a forum somewhere, comprehensive testing is done on both Rockchip 3188- and A31s-based Retina-class tablets [Google English].

The results are rather devastating, finally proving that neither the 3188 nor A31s platforms are capable of delivering an experience anywhere near that of a Retina-class iPad. The secret sauce of the iPad isn’t its CPU or GPU — it’s memory bandwidth of a kind no other tablet offers. “Crazy” memory bandwidth that’s two to three times that of all Chinese Retina-class tablets (actually probably four to five times). This makes even the upcoming Voyo A18 questionable until it’s been analyzed in detail.

In addition, the testing brings up something I meant to post about earlier. When Rockchip delivered its SDK 2.0 to improve Retina-class tablets, they actually downgraded the resolution from Retina-class to 1600 x 1200! This wasn’t discovered until later. In China, there are many ways to skin a cat and make a fraudulent dollar.

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Ramos Unveils Intel-Inside Tablets

As expected, Ramos unveiled four new tablets in their Intel-inside i-series.

Let’s get the disappointment out of the way first.

There is an i8 tablet — but it’s not an iPad Mini clone or a K-series-styled tablet.


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