Again: Avoid All Chinese Retina-Class Tablets

I’ve sounded this warning before but now it’s all backed up by Science.

In a post that looks like it’s a pick-up from a forum somewhere, comprehensive testing is done on both Rockchip 3188- and A31s-based Retina-class tablets [Google English].

The results are rather devastating, finally proving that neither the 3188 nor A31s platforms are capable of delivering an experience anywhere near that of a Retina-class iPad. The secret sauce of the iPad isn’t its CPU or GPU — it’s memory bandwidth of a kind no other tablet offers. “Crazy” memory bandwidth that’s two to three times that of all Chinese Retina-class tablets (actually probably four to five times). This makes even the upcoming Voyo A18 questionable until it’s been analyzed in detail.

In addition, the testing brings up something I meant to post about earlier. When Rockchip delivered its SDK 2.0 to improve Retina-class tablets, they actually downgraded the resolution from Retina-class to 1600 x 1200! This wasn’t discovered until later. In China, there are many ways to skin a cat and make a fraudulent dollar.

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3 responses to “Again: Avoid All Chinese Retina-Class Tablets

  1. androidbethy

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  2. Plumplum

    I think you’re wrong : problem isn’t the hardware but software…
    Chinese tabs aren’t perfect and agree that rk3188 have problems with nand write speed (not read), tabs slow down when Updating apps
    I’m agree it’s not that well out of the box and suppose some minor changes.
    Agree too about quality control on some devices

    Facts on my Cube U30GT2
    Memory bandwidth is :
    Nand read : 351MB/s….nice
    Ram 1154MB/s….nice too
    But right, Nand write is only 5.59MB/s….No Memory swapping as in Windows, it kills Nand, so no impact on performances until writing on nand

    Change the Launcher with one like Apex, Nova or Holo Launcher HD
    Avoid Chrome and use Opera Mobile instead…
    If you try Acer Iconia A700 (Tegra 3) it’s the same
    Problem is that Android still have problem with HD…
    If an app doens’t work well, don’t hesitate, use an other one…

    Things must go far far better on 1920×1200 tabs. My U30GT2 with these tiny changes is smooth except when updating.
    I don’t know for Retina 2048×1536…

    There’s a better way to skin a cat : selling 32GB tabs 100$ more than 16GB (as Apple Devices or Nexus 10)….it’s 7 times the price that it should cost…

    For me, no more branded phones and tabs until the prices get down…

    See that one :

    iPad mini is better in both Fillrate and Geometry….at the end, Onda win!
    Witch one have problem with bandwidth?

  3. what u think about baytrail retna tablets?

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