Video: Lenovo Miix 8 Tablet


Santa Barbara Arts TV was at the Intel Developers Forum and captured some video that includes the elusive Lenovo Miix 8 tablet.

I’ve ripped and cropped some screensnaps from it and the video is after the break.

He points out to the audience that it actually works …


… by briefly going to the second screen:


A view of the side shows buttons at the upper right:


The edge gives a sense of it being thin …


… and these enlargements reveal that it is:



An iPad Mini-like tablet running all of Windows. That’s a trip!

Same-day update: It’s not 4:3. See this post.

In the video he mentions that Intel can supply that to any company to do either Windows or Android. So Intel is going to be just like Allwinner and Rockchip, provide a solution brand names can build on.

I wonder if that’s what Teclast is using for the P89 Mini?

Here’s the video, cued to begin at the portion just about the Lenovo Miix 8. Hop over to YouTube if you’re interested in the other hardware they displayed.

Note that if the cue is not working in the embed, use this link to go to YouTube, where it should begin around 2:09.

Previously here:

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