Tomato T1 Tablet Reviewed


I have serious doubts that this collection of hype is an actual review and not manufacturer-supplied copy [Google English].

And because of my doubts, I’m going to skip most of the specs and just show the important images. Suffice it to say this has a MediaTek 8389 CPU and does WCDMA and GSM. Complete specs at the post itself.

Note the opening image shows Android 4.2 with a collection of custom-designed widgets. The so-called review doesn’t go any deeper into the UI or even into Settings at all.

Here’s the AnTuTu 3.2.2 score:


The NenaMark 2 score:


Those benchmarks are unsurprising for a MediaTek CPU.

Sample photos:


That one is very suspicious for a tablet camera, with lighting and staging that is obviously professionally done.

This is more like a tablet camera:


The flatness and lack of detail is what we generally see from Chinese tablet cameras.

Cellphone frequencies aren’t my thing so I’m not paying any detailed attention to tablets that offer 3G. Readers are on their own researching these tablets for their own needs. And good luck if you use this “review” as any guide to buying.

Previously here:

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