Desperate Five Technology Turns Pimp

Chinese tablet makers have a habit of using women to sell their products.

From catwalk models at product introductions to idiotic photo essays of women simulating using their products, the record is just sad.

I’ve mocked these campaigns on Twitter from time to time.

But now Five Technology, desperate to get some sales for its too-late iFive Mini 3 has created a new low for using women to promote its product.



Is that pathetic or what?

There’s even more here [Google English].

Even they mock Five Technology at the end of the post.

Chinese tablet makers: Stop using women to promote your products!

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2 responses to “Desperate Five Technology Turns Pimp

  1. Richard Day

    Pathetic. And sadly prevalent in the West as well — think GM/Ford/etc car launches with models stroking the cars; or trade shows with “barbie” girls in scanty outfits trying to get people to booths.

    • mikecane

      You’re right about cars, but I tend not do posts about cars, so I see it in Chinese tablet hype. I don’t see it in any American tablet hype. Yet(?).

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