First User Review Of Teclast P89 Mini Is Devastating


1Pad [Google English] quotes from a forum post [Google English]. The forum is one of those where you have to log in to see additional information (such as photos).

The Google Translate is extremely bad this time, perhaps because many colloquialisms are used in the original Chinese.

Overall, he is pleased with the tablet’s speed and touch responsiveness.

But the problems are fatal, and the gist is this:

1) Audio output from the headphone jack is defective, with noise

2) Speaker volume and audio quality are not good

3) Battery life is nowhere near what Teclast has hyped

4) Build quality is poor, with a side gap and a warped metal back

It’s unclear if he returned the unit for repair or exchange, but it seems he did get a second one and the headphone jack problem persisted. He also claims he has read reviews from other owners that also complain about the audio problem, so his experience has been the norm!

In the Comments, he claims this has been the case with three different P89s he’s tried.

Also in Comments, someone wonders if the audio and battery life problems can be resolved with a firmware update.

Whether or not that’s the case, it seems to me that Teclast’s Quality Control has been an utter failure. There is just no way any P89 Mini should have shipped with those problems. Especially the audio problem. I’ve seen audio being checked in tablet maker factory tour videos Charbax posted on YouTube.

This is a tablet that’s already been reviewed at least once. And these problems weren’t mentioned in the review. Did the reviewer even bother to try the headphone jack? When professional reviewers are lax in their work, everyone suffers — and buying a Chinese tablet becomes an even riskier proposition.

Update Thursday September 19 2013; A Teclast P89 Mini owner on YouTube reports:

Click = big

I’ve also asked him about the screen issue.

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