Teclast P89 Mini: More Information

Something seems wrong with the color depth of its screen here:


The poster in the forum wonders if the screen is just 16-bit color [Google English]. But it can’t be. Viewing photos and videos would immediately look awful. So there has to be some sort of problem in the Kindle software.

The poster also mentions something odd about internal storage:

There is no separate installation space applications, only see the internal memory of 9.39G

Here’s the AnTuTu 4.0 spec screen:


And score:


Note that in the transition from AnTuTu 3.x to 4.0, the Intel Atom loses a good chunk of its score. Under 3.x, it scored in the 29,000-30,000 range. No more!

The same poster in another forum [Google English] also said:

does not support Exfat, does not support NTFS, at least the TF grid into two identification no law

I really don’t know what to make of that.

When information dribbles out here and there, it frustrates me. It seems no one — including the tech sites — wants to do comprehensive testing or tell the entire story.

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